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CapturePoint LLC and CapturePoint Solutions LLC (CPS), together “CapturePoint,” are privately-held companies providing a full range of carbon management services, with offices located in Allen, Texas. 

CapturePoint offers an industry-leading team with extensive experience in all facets of Carbon Capture, Utilization and Sequestration (CCUS).  We provide carbon capture system design and installation; construction and management of dedicated carbon dioxide (CO2) pipelines; modernization and operation of CO2-EOR projects; permanent deep underground carbon storage; and carbon management services for clean energy projects, direct air capture, and other industrial-scale initiatives. 

CPS is developing next generation deep underground carbon storage centers, providing integrated capture, transport and storage services for companies and facilities with high-volume COemissions that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.  We are currently evaluating and developing over 285,000 acres of deep underground carbon storage space in regional sites across the United States.

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Our Projects: We are leading edge developers of deep underground carbon storage space to provide safe and permanent sequestration for billions of tons of carbon dioxide over the coming decades. We capture CO2 from industrial sources that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere, manage significant CO2-EOR operations, support development of direct air capture and advance clean energy solutions. From one of the newest, largest U.S. regional deep underground carbon storage hubs in central Louisiana to the variety of innovative services offered at our regional carbon storage sites, CapturePoint is defining the future of carbon management.  

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Our Commitment:  CapturePoint sets the highest standards in all areas of carbon management.  We meet or exceed all governmental and environmental requirements.  We take every necessary measure to protect public health and safety.  We believe in transparency and integrity.  And we engage with our communities to build partnerships for a better future.

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