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CapturePoint is currently operating, developing and evaluating 8 regional carbon management sites across the U.S. (see the interactive map, below). From one of the nation’s largest onshore deep underground carbon storage hubs under development in central Louisiana to the custom client services available at our regional CO2 storage sites, our projects are advancing the leading edge of carbon solutions in the United States.


The CPS Central Louisiana Regional Carbon Storage Hub (CPS CENLA Hub) has the potential to become one of the largest onshore deep underground carbon storage centers in the U.S., featuring multiple injection zones that could store over a billion tons of CO2 in the coming decades. Two of the nation’s largest energy companies, Energy Transfer and Southwestern Energy Company, have committed to capture CO2 from their Haynesville natural gas operations for sequestration in the CPS CENLA Hub as has Bia Energy's Low-Carbon Blue Methanol Project planned for the Port of Caddo-Bossier near Shreveport, Louisiana. We are pursuing opportunities to extend carbon management services to other regional Louisiana industries. Applications have been filed for two Class VI CO2 injection well permits (one in Rapides Parish and the other in Vernon Parish). In cooperation with the local school district and the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters, CPS is sponsoring the Vernon Parish School Board “Capturing Better Futures” Initiative to create career training pathways for high school students, a project which has drawn national attention as a successful model for community engagement.

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CapturePoint Oklahoma Carbon Hub

In Oklahoma’s historic Burbank oilfield, CapturePoint is continuing development of significant enhanced oil recovery (CO2-EOR) operations. The company captures CO2 emissions from CVR Partners’ nitrogen fertilizer plant in Coffeyville, Kansas, then transports the CO2 by pipeline ~68 miles southwest to Osage County. There, CapturePoint operates over 80 Class II CO2 injection wells to generate CO2-EOR production from the 23,500 acres of the North Burbank Unit (where CapturePoint also owns ~6,900 acres of the surface lands). To potentially expand the Oklahoma Carbon Hub, CPS has also contracted for more than 10,000 acres of CO2 storage space in Osage and Kay Counties and applied for a Class VI CO2 injection permit that would allow development of a deep underground carbon storage site. The expansion would put Oklahoma at the forefront of carbon solutions in the United States. Azure has announced that CPS will capture the CO2 from their sustainable aviation fuels bio-production plant in Kansas for sequestration in the Oklahoma Carbon Hub, and Heimdal has announced the Oklahoma Carbon Hub will be the site of their first commercial-scale direct air capture facility.

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CapturePoint Panhandle CO2-EOR Units

CapturePoint is capturing CO2 emissions from Conestoga Energy Partners’ Arkalon bio-ethanol facility in Liberal, KS, which is connected to CapturePoint’s regional network of ~170 miles of dedicated CO2 pipelines through the Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles. There, the CO2 is utilized for CO2-EOR in over 75 Class II CO2 injection wells and ultimately sequestered in CapturePoint’s Panhandle CO2-EOR Units. CapturePoint’s new Arkalon CO2 capture facility began operating in April 2023 and captures up to 250,000 metric tons of CO2 annually.

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Weld County Projects in Northern Colorado 

CapturePoint has initiated development of proposed deep underground storage sites in Weld County, Colorado, and is exploring potential permit applications for both Class II injection wells associated with nearby oil and gas production and Class VI CO2 injection wells for carbon management services supporting regional industries. Rights to approximately 5,800 acres of deep underground storage space have been acquired to facilitate potential projects.

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Exploratory Projects

At four additional sites in the southern and western United States, CPS is in the early stages of evaluation and development of over 230,000 acres of deep underground geologic carbon storage space.

  • Colorado West: CPS has acquired rights to ~155,000 acres of deep underground CO2 storage space for a potential regional carbon storage center in Rio Blanco County in Western Colorado.
  • New Mexico Southeast: CPS has rights for ~17,500 acres of deep underground CO2 storage space in Lea County, New Mexico for potential development of carbon management services for regional industries in New Mexico and far western Texas.
  • South Delta: CPS has proposed a carbon storage site in Sharkey County, Mississippi to permanently sequester carbon captured from industrial emitters in central Mississippi. In a unique community partnership, the initial 1,280 acres of deep underground geologic storage were leased in 2022 under lands held to benefit local school district students. After the deadly and devastating tornado outbreak that struck Rolling Fork, Mississippi on the evening of March 24, 2023, community engagement efforts were reoriented to recovery efforts. CPS intends to resume project evaluation as the community and school district achieve sustainable progress in rebuilding.
  • Wyoming Central: CPS has acquired rights to ~57,000 acres of deep underground CO2 storage space to potentially develop a regional carbon storage center in Fremont County, Wyoming.

Each of these 4 potential sites is being evaluated for the economic feasibility of providing carbon management services that would collect and sequester CO2 emissions from industrial emitters in the surrounding regions.

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